CTC Performance 2012+ Suzuki Swift Sport ZC32S Cold Air Intake Fitting Guide  


This document is intended as a guide only and all parts supplied MUST be fitted by a fully qualified automotive technician. CTC Performance will take no responsibility for any damage caused to  you or your vehicle from incorrect fitment of this product. Please make sure your ignition is switched off and your engine is cold before carrying out any work on your vehicle.

Step 1

Remove 2 x Bolts which secure OE Air Box using 10mm socket.


Step 2

Remove 1 x Bolts and 1 x clamp using 10mm socket.

Step 3

 Carefully pull up the OE airbox. It is secured with two push fittings towards the rear.

Step 4

Remove 1 x bolt using 10mm socket. Remove rubber intake pipe and plastic res. Remove Expansion Bottle from radiator.

Step 5

Before working on any electrical items remove the positive and then the negative battery terminals.

Step 6

 Undo 2 x 8mm nuts and remove battery clamp. Remove the battery and plastic tray below battery.

Step 7

Carefully lift the leavers fully and remove two connectors from the ECU.

Step 8

Undo 4 x 10mm bolts from the battery tray.

Step 9

Disconnect the wiring loom from the four positions attaching the loom to the battery tray and remove the tray.

Step 10

Disconnect the two positions the loom connects to the expansion bottle bracket.

Step 11

Undo 2 x 10mm bolts securing the expansion bottle bracket to the car and remove the bracket.

Step 12

Unplug the MAF sensor and carefully pull the wire out of the rubber hose as shown.

Step 13

Undo the jubilee clip holding the rubber hose to the throttle body.

Step 14

Pull the metal coolant line and breather hose out of the rubber intake pipe.

Step 15

Remove MAF assembly with intake pipe from throttle body. Remove MAF sensor using Philips head screwdriver.


Remove hose clamp and remove breather pipe from metal coolant line.

Step 17

Remove clamp and hose from thermostat housing. You may lose a small amount of coolant which will need to be replaced.

Step 18

Remove the clamp and hose on the same pipework from the throttle body.

Step 19

Replace this pipe with new silicone coolant hose supplied and 2 x jubilee clips supplied

Step 20

Remove 12mm nut to remove bracket remembering to replace the nut once bracket is removed.

Step 21 - RHD

Secure OE expansion bottle bracket to the new steel bracket using M6 x 15 Allen bolts & Nuts supplied.

Step 21 - LHD

Secure OE expansion bottle bracket to the new steel bracket using M6 x 55 bolts & nuts supplied. You will need to adjust to give clearence for your brake lines from the master cylinder, aproximately 25-30mm gap is required. See picture of the setup.


Step 22

Place the bracket in position lining up the holes. Fit battery tray over the top with longer 4 x M6 x 20 bolts supplied.

Step 23

Fit heat shield using OE 10mm bolt on slam panel and original bolt next to battery tray. Secure loom in two positions shown from the underside of the shield.

Step 24

Secure MAF sensor using supplied M4 x 12 Allen bolts and spring washers. Make sure the sensor faces the correct way.

Step 25

Fit adaptor ring over the intake tube. (Only applies to old style filters, please move to Step 26 if no adaptor rings are supplied in your kit)

Step 26

Press the filter over the intake pipe. Secure the filter using jubilee clip supplied.

Step 27

Remove the washer bottle filler hose. Twist around towards the battery tray and secure with alloy bracket and M5 x 16 Allen Bolt & Nut.

Step 28

Remove the top 10mm bolt and secure 90 deg steel bracket using original bolt leaving loose to allow adjustment.

Step 29

Fit intake pipe into position and secure to 90 deg bracket using M6 x20 bolt and nut supplied.

Step 30

Fit silicone hose with two hose clamps. Fit breather pipe using original clamp.

Step 31

Carefully cut the black tape to separate the cable so that the plug reaches the MAF sensor.

Step 32

Plug in the MAF sensor.

Step 33

Secure the cables together using cable tie as pictured.

Step 34

Re fit the ecu holding the plug tightly to the ecu before carefully pushing the lever down to secure.

Step 35

Fit the expansion bottle to the rear, fit the supplied silicone coolant hose to the radiator & expansion bottle. Finally re-secure and connect the battery and your complete.