Zage Turbo Kit Suzuki Swift 05-10 M13A M15A M16A


Zage Turbo Kit for Suzuki Swift 05-10 Models to suit all M series engines. The kit comes without engine management, we offer our plug and play standalone or to keep cost down AEM FIC Piggyback ECU. We would also recommend fuel system upgrades and clutch upgrades depending on power levels being achieved. 

The kit Includes:

1. Turbocharger TD04HL-15G-6 1set
2. Air Filter High Flow 1pc
3. Exhaust Manifold M13/M15/M16/M18 (T25 Flange) 1set
4. External Wastegate ZAGE 38mm 0.6 Bar Setting 1set
5. Blow off Valve - 1set
6. Front Mount Intercooler 1set
7.Pipe Aluminum Intake Pipe 4pcs
8. Stainless Down Pipe 1pc
9. T-Clamp 27-51mm 4pcs, 46-70mm 6pcs, 52-76mm 4pcs
10. Silicone Hose Elbow 63mm/90 degree 1pc, Straight / 51mm 1pc, Reducer/ 38-51mm 2pcs, 50-63mm 1pc, 51-60mm 1pc, 35-28mm 1pc
10. Oil Inlet Pipe Set Teflon pipe/ Oil Banjo Bolt, bolt to oil case 1set
11. Oil Drain Pipe Set 1* Oil Drain Pipe/ 1* gasket / 2 bolts/ 2 fitting 1set
12. Turbine Gasket Turbine inlet & Outlet gasket 2pcs