Xforce Axle Back Exhaust with Varex Muffler and Smart Box.Hyundai i30N 2018


Xforce offers a range of uniquely engineered and designed stainless steel bolt on exhaust systems.
Theses exhaust systems bolt directly to existing mounting points making installation easy.
They are built to perform well, with materials designed for longevity and like all Xforce exhaust systems they look great!
The unique header design increases power throughout the rev range, while providing a great engine audio note – make it roar!

3″ Stainless steel pipe work
Varex rear Muffler
Direct swap with factory standard section
4″ double wall tips
This kit includes Smartbox

WHAT IS THE SMART BOX?Varex Smart Box is a control device with patent-pending technology that let the user to manually and automatically adjust the exhaust sound level of the Varex exhaust.
The users can operate and make a change to the settings of the Smart Box via an elegantly designed Smartphone App.
The connections between the Smart Boxes and the smartphones are via the latest Bluetooth® technology, which provides an exceptionally reliable and smooth user experience.
Smart Box provides the following functions:

Precise manual adjustment of VAREX exhaust valve positions;
Custom pre-set of VAREX exhaust valve positions;

Automatic control of VAREX exhaust valve positions based on real-time information of RPM, Throttle, and Speed.