Tein EDFC Active


Tein EDFC Active - Damping Force Controller

EDFC Active - Adjusts damping force instantly according to G-Force & Speed. EDFC ACTIVE makes it possible to adjust damping force with ease from the driver's seat, by controlling stepping motors installed on each shock absorber. Built-In G-Sensor allows G-actuated automatic adjustment of damping force while driving. Additional automatic speed-sensitive damping force adjustment feature is available with the use of optional "GPS kit" (sold separately).

By using EDFC, most models also benefit from "finer" adjustment range, turning a 16 position shock absorber in to a 32 or 64 position.


Manual mode: Up to 10 presets are available to store and quickly recall preferred settings, according to the changes in situation
G Actuated Mode: Enables automatic adjustment according to the changes in G-force measured with built-in G-sensor. 2 separate modes available; G-Arrange Mode and G-Linear Mode.
Speed Sensitive Mode: Enables automatic adjustment according to the changes in vehicle speed measured with GPS sensor, which must be purchased separately.
Wireless Control: EDFC ACTIVE features wireless control system for easy installation / wiring. Controller unit is connected wirelessly to motor driver units which control motors, eliminating the need for troublesome wiring such as putting cables through bulkheads and/or placing/anchoring cables inside the car.
Triaxial Acceleration Sensor: You can install controller at any angle or direction.
Colour Display: 4 default colours, white, green, amber & blue, along with fine tuneable custom colours.
Resume Feature: The system remembers damping force settings even after ignition off.
Display dimmer
Volume control
Self diagnosis: Wire breakage, short circuit etc
Lock Function: settings can be locked
Separate compression and rebound may be controlled using 2 EDFC controller kits, the EDFC Active can control up to 8 stepper motors individually.
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