Swift Sport Add On Lip Spoiler Extension ZC33S 2018+


CSR Rear Spoiler / Rear Wing / Rear Lip / Spoiler Lip Extension for Suzuki Swift Sport ZC33S 2018+

Perfect Fitment designed for this model it is not a universal part
Clean and simple TÜV-tested fastening by means of 3M ™ Acrylic Plus adhesive tape PT 1100 with extremely high instant adhesion and high adhesive strength

The assembly with the 3M ™ adhesive tape PT 1100 takes place in three simple steps:

  1. Clean the surface with the enclosed 3M cleaning cloth
  2. Remove the protective strip from the pre-assembled and pre-assembled adhesive tape
  3. Glue on, done!

3M ™ Acrylic Plus adhesive tape PT 1100 is a 4-ply black double-sided acrylic adhesive tape with very high instant adhesive strength that was specially developed for the automotive sector and is ideally suited for attaching rigid attachments where an aesthetic visible edge is desired. PT1100 has very good adhesion to a large number of automotive surfaces, good internal strength, excellent long-term stability and very good adaptability to the surfaces to be bonded. Due to the unique visco-elastic properties of the PT1100, tensions in the adhesive seam are excellently reduced, so that extremely durable connections are created.
High durability even in car washes, at high speeds and extreme temperatures and humidity, as well as high shock and weather resistance
Easy dismantling without damage to the paint
The rear lip is made of high-quality ABS material and has a structured (grooved) surface, making the spoiler lip very unsusceptible to scratches
Due to the structured surface, no painting is necessary! (Product is unpainted)
Including assembly instructions
Material is flexible

Available in :

  • Matt Black Textured finish
  • Gloss Black
  • Matt Carbon Look
  • Gloss Carbon Look
  • Ready for Paint (This is supplied unfinished for own paint)