Suzuki Swift ZC72/ZC32 1.2/1.6 ST Lowering Springs


ST suspension have more than 1,000 applications, they are the ideal lowering springs to work in combination with your standard suspension. In addition to an attractive Lowering the ST suspension lowering springs allow an increase in cornering speed and a much improved driving experience.

The OEM quality chrome silicon steel manufactured in cold winding mode ST suspension lowering springs are multi-coated and carry a final epoxide-coating, meaning they stand up to bad weather conditions. Depending on your vehicle you can use the ST suspension lowering springs discreet lowering for example 20 mm front and 15 mm on the drive axle with the current BMW M3 (E9x series), appealing 30 mm obtained on both axes of the Audi A1 or up to 60 mm for VW Golf I be. When installing ST suspension lowering springs compared to the standard suspension not only does it lower center of gravity, but also vastly improves the look of your vehicle. The reduced compression and rebound of the springs make your vehicle nice and agile.

The spring rates of ST suspension lowering springs in perfect harmony with your OEM dampers. Finally, ST have manufactured these lowering springs in combination with the respective weights of each vehicle, the wheel loads and the level of the intended Lowering has a great influence on the rebound characteristics of the Suspension. Made from chrome-silicon steel ST suspension lowering springs not only bear the weight of the vehicle, but guaranteed by the specially tuned spring rates a more direct driving experience. Depending on the level of lowering, for example, a reduction of from 20 mm, 30 mm or 40 mm, the ST suspension lowering springs have different spring rates that are in perfect harmony with the standard shock absorbers. The greater the level of the lowering, the higher the spring rate.


Will fit 2010+ Suzuki Swift 1.2 & 2012+ Suzuki Swift Sport 1.6

Lower the car 25mm front and rear