Suzuki Swift ZC72/ZC32 1.2/1.6 KW V3 Coilovers


All of KWs range of Stainless Steel Coilovers offer Stainless Steel bodies for the best possible weather resistance. Stainless Steel is the most durable treatment available and ensures these will last and last even when exposed to the foulest British weather and road salt which must be a consideration when you're investing in high end coilovers.

It's not just the materials. KW only make top quality products. Each part is designed, tested and then manufactured to the highest standards.
The last word in road car suspension upgrades, coilovers will completely transform your car’s handling. A lower centre of gravity and vastly enhanced body control will reduce roll through corners, and squat and dive while accelerating or decelerating. KW understand that for driving on road you don't want too rigid a set-up and consequently their coilovers retain excellent amounts of travel and are designed to (within reason) deal with imperfections in the road surface without rattling you around too much or losing contact with the road surface. The adjustability allows you to finetune the exact ride you want.

KW Variant 3 coilovers offer state of the art fully adjustable damping. These coilovers are both rebound and compression adjustable offering a huge amount of control over how your car handles. If you want to fine-tune your cars handling for road or track use this degree of control is what you want.

KW offers a huge range of applications and every application specific coilover has been fully tested and developed. If they aren't completely happy it works and meets their standards, they don't list it.

The lowering amount can be adjusted on each corner. The lowering amounts listed are fully TUV certified meeting the highest standards. One some vehicles the design of the suspension means that it has not been possible to offer a adjustable lowering amount so where this is the case we have tried to note this.

This product is generally listed by Axle Weight / Axle Load. This information can be found on your VIN plate.

Please note - where a kit is listed for vehicles with adaptive/electronic damping  it means the coilover kit comprises of standard coilovers and KW's own warning cancellation kit to enable you to remove the factory adaptive damping.

Will fit 2010+ Suzuki Swift 1.2 & 2012+ Suzuki Swift Sport 1.6