Suzuki Swift ZC13S Monstersport Exhaust

The TYPE Sp-XX muffler is a high quality tuning muffler made of stainless steel, which is compatible with volume control and exhaust performance at a high level

Sound tuning
While restraining to the volume presupposed conformity to safety standards, it finished in a gentle and sporty sound.

In order to prevent unpleasantness even in long-distance cruises by AT cars, we can suppress the muffled sound that you feel in the car, as well as combine everyday ease of use with the volume that allows you to go through the residential street without hesitation.

Exhaust performance
In addition to adopting a main pipe of φ60 thicker than normal, exhaust resistance was suppressed by the handling of pipes conscious of the smooth exhaust flow. The volume control and power performance improvement which became indispensable for modern muffler tuning are compatible at a high level. It does not impair the torque of low and medium speed range, and it realizes an extended feeling in the high revolution range without raising the volume unnecessarily.

We adopted a stainless steel SUS 304 material excellent in aesthetics and corrosion resistance as a main pipe / silencer and used a cannonball buff finished tail to make it a highly textured and durable muffler.
Double tail
The normal state it is a muffler hidden in the bumper. It expresses the presence of the muffler with its own tail finish with a shape that balances optimum for the Swift specific layout and ground clearance and body size.

Vehicle: SWIFT
Model: ZC13S
Engine: K10C(TURBO)
Model Year: 17/01 - 
Shape of muffler: Twin Tailpipe
Main material: S304
Diameter of tip: 76.3
Diameter of center pipe: 60
Noise level: Stock 78db MonsterSport TBA
Product Weight :TBA

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