HKS RSK Reloaded Suzuki Swift 1.5/1.6


In order to apply for OBD II Close-Loop, maximum horsepower and torque will be as much as stock condition without ECU resetting.

It enables smooth acceleration and continuous toque for middle and high rpm range. Aluminum pipe with buffing finish appeals in engine compartment.

About HKS Racing Suction Reloaded
In the pursuit of ultimate intake efficiency, HKS have developed the Racing suction kits and the latest version, Racing Suction Reloaded, has some significant improvements in order to maintain its position within this ever evolving genre.

Racing Suction Reloaded kits take the concept of the Super Power Flow kits one step further. Although the standard air box, which causes most restriction in the intake system, is removed and replaced, the piping from the air box to the intake/turbo is often convoluted and restrictive. Racing Suction Reloaded kits address this problem by with a replacement aluminium intake pipe. This pipe is designed individually to each vehicle application. Pipe diameter, length and bend radius is all carefully considered in order to maximise response in naturally aspirated cars and power output in turbocharged cars.

(refer to super power flow for info about filter head except filter type (2 layer in RSR))

With consideration to the characteristics of Racing Suction reloaded kits, the traditional 2 layer wet type filter is used in order to minimise intake air resistance but keep harmful particles out using a special adhesive.