CTC Suzuki Swift Sport M16A ITB's


These Direct-to-Head Suzuki Swift 45mm Throttle Bodies are port matched to the cylinder head, no additional manifold is required. These throttle bodies feature oval, 'shaftless' and knife-edged butterflies for improved airflow & performance and with the throttle blade very close to the inlet valve the engine response is significantly improved and offers superior idle control over other individual throttle bodies.

Throttles can be supplied on their own or as part of a full kit with everything needed to convert your vehicle to run ITB's.

Individual Options include:

AT Power Shaftless ITB's With Various Trumpet Lengths and Colours Available

TPS Sensor

Vacuum tank lines and fittings

Oil catch Tank

Master cylinder res relocation kit for RHD cars (not needed on LHD or cars with brake booster removed)

Stand Alone ECU with plug and play harness with full CANBUS control utilising PAS and Dash

Cable throttle kit

Initial results have shown a 25WHP increase on a stock Swift Sport M16A. More to follow as this kit is being tested on our 2.0 Swift Sport ! More than capable of handling over 200bhp with correct supporting modifications

*You will require a hole to be drilled into bulkhead to fit throttle cable, a method to fix the catch can and vac manifold should you need these options and you will require the vehicle to be mapped. The standalone option will include a basic map to allow the car to start however it must not be driven until the vehicle has been professionally mapped on a dyno.