CTC Performance Suzuki Swift 17 Piece Silicone Hose Kit


Silicone Coolant Hose Kit

To Fit: Suzuki Swift Sport 2005 to 2010 1.6 L, manual

These Hoses are a stronger alternative to the OEM Hoses and in most cases have better airflow with their smooth inner layer. The Hoses have 3-4 ply reinforcement compared to the 1 ply OEM Hoses. Another great advantage of the do88.se Hoses is that the silicone material withstands high temperatures for longer periods of time. 

Radiator Inlet OEM ref 17851-62J00
Radiator Outlet OEM ref 17854-62J00
Water Inlet OEM ref 17853-86G00
Heater Inlet OEM ref 17871-57KA0
Heater Inlet OEM ref 17875-57KA0
Heater Outlet OEM ref 17872-57KA0
Heater Outlet OEM ref 17874-57KA0
Thermostat Housing to Water Pipe OEM ref 17873-86G00
Water Inlet Oil Cooler OEM ref 17856-57KA0
Water Inlet Oil Cooler OEM ref 17857-57KA0
Water Outlet Oil Cooler Hose OEM ref 17858-57KA0
Water Outlet Oil Cooler Hose OEM ref 17859-57KA0
Throttle Body Water Inlet OEM ref 3491-57KA0
Throttle Body Water Outlet OEM ref 13492-57KA0
Throttle Body Water to PVC OEM ref 13493-57KA0
Thermostat Housing to Cylinder Head OEM ref 17698-62J00
Radiator Bleed Hose OEM ref 17939-62J00