CTC Performance Intercooler Suzuki Swift Sport ZC33S 2018+ K14C K14D


CTC Performance Intercooler 

Suzuki Swift Sport ZC33S 2018+

K14C & K14D 1.4T Boosterjet Engine


  • Designed and Manufactured entirely in the U.K.Exclusively by Cooling Systems
  • Light weight designed British Made 9 Row Tube and Fin Construction core
  • High Flow British Cast End Tanks
  • Avoids European Cruise Control Sensor without loss of performance
  • Proven Drop in Air Inlet Temperatures even on tuned engine (Currently supporting 260PS on our demo vehicle)
  • Power And Torque Gains throughtout the whole rev range

Using a 9-row extruded tube and fin core, the CTC Performance alloy intercooler upgrade gives a marked improvement in both air charge temperature (ACT) and pressure drops, ensuring optimum charge air temperature and therefore power. Our alloy intercooler upgrade also maximises the available package space, while retaining all the factory pipework and hoses. Inkeeping with the design of the new Swift Sport weight is kept to a minimum using Tube and Fin rather than the much heavier Bar and Plate you may find in other cores, this will result in better power to weight ratio for any additional horse power extracted. During our testing we have seen an average power gain of 7PS & 5NM on stanard car. In our latest testing when being used on our 260PS package we did not see inlet temps higher than 20°C after many dyno runs even though intake air temps were 38°C! We even made peak power of 260PS at the rev limiter! The factory Intercooler results in inlet temperatures on average of 67°C once you raise the rev limit resulting in power loss high up in the Rev range and potential engine failures. Lowering these temperatures will benefit both power increase and reliability. 


* Please note a small ammount of trimming is needed to the plastic air guides to allow fitment. Tools needed stanley knife. 

Fitting Guide