Catcams Suzuki Swift Sport ZC31 M16A Performance Cams


Cat Cams profiles now available for ZC31S Suzuki Swift Sport models
Dyno proven to gain 10 bhp at peak on ZC31S Swift Sport models
Direct swap with standard Suzuki M16A components
Exhaust cam gear supplied to replace OEM pressed item
No piggyback or ECU remapping necessary

Suzuki Swift Sport ZC31S camshafts

Cat Cams has launched a set of uprated performance camshafts for the ZC31S Swift Sport that are not only a direct swap for the stock Suzuki components, they retain the VVT operation and produce a noticeable power boost without requiring an ECU remap. Because the OEM cams feature a pressed steel cam gear, Cat Cams supplies item that is a direct replacement for the standard item.

CNC machined from European sourced steel billets, manufactured in-house and carrying part number 6702103, the new Cat Cams ‘Sport’ profiles for the ZC31S model of the Suzuki Swift Sport are manufactured to the following technical specification:-

Cat Cams Suzuki Swift Sport 6702103 ‘Sport’ cam profile data:
Intake 244°@0.1mm/208°@1.0mm/8.75mm/0.32mm@125°/vc 0.250mm
Exhaust 240°@0.1mm/197°@1.0mm/8.25mm/0.73mm@-107°/vc 0.350mm

OE Suzuki Swift Sport cam profile data:
Intake 236°@0.1mm/201°@1.0mm/8.49mm/0.29mm@125°/vc 0.250mm
Exhaust 228°@0.1mm/193°@1.0mm/8.09mm/0.62mm@-107°/vc 0.350mm

Independent dyno testing has proven that the Cat Cams 6702103 Suzuki Swift Sport profiles produce noticeable gains from just 3200 rpm upwards, with an additional 10 bhp available at peak, comfortably within the confines of the stock ECU’s 6800 rpm rev limiter. Similarly, the spread of torque from the Swift’s M16A engine greatly is also greatly improved, with an extra 4-8 lb.ft available across the rev range, giving the little Suzuki the pep it so deserves. Bench testing has also proven that the Cat Cams 6702103 profiles have the potential to produce up to 140 bhp in conjunction with readily available induction and exhaust modifications.