Blitz SUS Induction Kit Suzuki Swift ZC31 ZC21


This is the best selling Blitz filter and is easily recognisable by it’s striking stainless steel mesh design. Often copied but never bettered, the original stainless mesh filter from Blitz years after it’s initial conception on the racetracks of Japan for the Blitz touring car team.

Made from a very fine mesh of SUS304 grade stainless steel it straightens the airflow into the engine reducing aerodynamic tumble, resulting in great power gains and a unique induction sound which identifies it as a Blitz SUS filter. The SUS power is also a dry filter and can be cleaned at normal service intervals.

SUS Power Induction kit

Suzuki Swift Sport 1.6, ZC31S, M16A, 09/05>

Suzuki Swift 1.5, ZC21S, M15A, 01/05>

This kit includes everything needed to install onto your vehicle.