Oil Cap Fitting Guide

Firstly thanks for chosing CTC Performance! We supply our oil cap without the logo attached, this is completly intentional. We see too often company logo's not 100% straight especially as some customers will tighten their oil cap down more than others. We decided the logo should be applied once the cap has been screwed onto your engine.

1. Screw your Oil Cap down tightly.

2. Take the logo plate supplied. Remove the clear protective coating from the logo plate.

3. Turn over the logo plate, you will see double sided tape. Peel back the top layer leving the adhesive on the oil cap.

4. Carefully place the logo cap into position. DO NOT PRESS DOWN AT THIS STAGE. The Logo should be able to be turned very carefully until straight. Any pressure will stick the plate so be careful not to press down until your 100% happy with the position. Once happy apply pressure with your finger around the whole logo plate to secure.

5. Finally you can admire your work!