CTC Performance 2018+ Suzuki Swift Sport ZC33S K14C & K14D Intercooler Fitting Guide  


This document is intended as a guide only and all parts supplied MUST be fitted by a fully qualified automotive technician. CTC Performance will take no responsibility for any damage caused to  you or your vehicle from incorrect fitment of this product. Please make sure your ignition is switched off and your engine is cold before carrying out any work on your vehicle.

1. Open the bonnet and locate the two plastic fasteners attaching the bumper to the slam panel. Use a flat blade screw driver or trim removal tool to release these fasteners. Next remove the four 10mm fasteners, using a 10mm rachet.

2. Next remove the two Philips screw's one each side of the inner arch. 

3. Raise the vehicle with a ramp or with axel stands. From here you will be able to access the eight Philips fasteners on the front splitter. Remove using a screw driver. Next remove the two plastic fasters using a flat blade screw driver or trim removal tool. You can then remove the 8 Philips fastners that secure the leading edge of the under tray using a screw driver and the two 10mm Bolts. The under trays do not need to be removed you need them to drop down slightly to allow you access to bolts underneath. 

4. Next you must pull each side of the bumper outwards pulling from the end closest to the wheel. The bumper will then pull away from the car. Do not completely pull away as you will need to unplug the loom from the foglights on both driver and passenger sides. 


5. Next there are nine 10mm bolts that need to be removed from the front lower member. Use a 10mm socket and rachet to undo them. Four of the nine bolts are hidden under the side cover's, there is enough space to pull them down and undo them. With this done pull the front lower member forwards and push the two locating clips inwards. You will be able to release the front lower member from the vehicle.

6. Now you can remove the loom from the air guide. On the K14C to the left hand side the loom clips underneath and on the K14D there is a bracket above the air guide. On the right hand side the loom and temp sensor needs to be removed from the air guide. Once this has been removed there are 7 clips that need to be removed using a flat blade screw driver or trim removal tool. The Air Guide can now be removed from the car leaving the OE intercooler clearly visible. 

7. At this point you should secure the radiator to the slam panel using cable ties. This holds the radiator pack in pace so that you can remove the lower support otherwise the radiaor pack will fall when you remove. 


8. Next you can remove the two 10mm Bolts holding the OEM Intercooler onto the radiator pack behind. 


9. The black metal lower support now needs to be removed, there are four 10mm bolts holding it in place, two at either end. Use a 10mm socket and rachet to remove them and the lower support will free from the vehicle.

10. Next using a 8mm ratchet spanner undo the two hose clamps from the intercooler hoses. Once loose you can release the hoses from the intercooler and remove the intercooler from the vehicle. Move the cooler downwards being careful to avoid the cruise control sensor if your vehicel is equiped wiht this option.

11. Now you will be able to install your CTC Intercooler. Fit the cooler from underneath being careful to avoid the cruise control sensor if your vehicle has this option. Secure the two 10mm bolts secureing the cooler to the radiator pack. Fit the intercooler hoses and tighten up the hose clamps using the 8mm ratchet spanner.

12. Refit the metal lower support with the 4 10mm bolts. 

13. You will now need to trim the factory air guide. We have positioned the cooler forwards slightly to create more clearence between the new intercooler and the radiator pack behind to remove any possibility of the intercooler rubbing on the radiator. This does mean a small ammount of trimming is required. simply score the lower part with a craft knife and then fold the part which needs to be removed. It will then crack and can be removed. One of the Air Guide fitting arms must also be removed. Again this can be done with a craft knife. 

14. Refit the Air Guide and loom including the air temp sensor. 

15. Finally remove the cable ties previously fitted to prevent the radiator from dropping. You can now reverse steps 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1 and you are finished.