CTC Performance 2018+ Suzuki Swift Sport ZC33S BOV Fitting Guide  


This document is intended as a guide only and all parts supplied MUST be fitted by a fully qualified automotive technician. CTC Performance will take no responsibility for any damage caused to  you or your vehicle from incorrect fitment of this product. Please make sure your ignition is switched off and your engine is cold before carrying out any work on your vehicle.

Step 1.

Remove the spring clip using a pair of pliers or spring clamp.


Remove rubber hose.


Remove Spring Clamp from Lower Vaccum Line from the solenoid.

Stage 4.

Remove Vacuum Line.

Stage 5. 

Using 10mm Socket remove the bolt which secures the OEM recirculation valve. There will be a small metal bracket which secured the OEM loom, you can remove this as it will be easier to install the new valve without this small bracket.

Stage 6.

Remove OEM recirculation valve.

Stage 7.

Fit one of the two OEM spring clips onto the new vaccum line as pictured.

Stage 8.

Push the CTC BOV into the hole as pictured. Please note this will easily rotate. Keep the BOV in roughly the position shown for now as it will make the next step easier.

Stage 9.

Take what looks like a C-Spanner and the new bolt provided. Slide the clamp over the round part of the BOV and secure with the bolt provided.

Step 10.

Tighten using a 10mm socket.

Step 11.

Slide the rubber hose over the open end of the new BOV as pictured. As mentioned you will be able to freely rotate the BOV. This is perfectly normal, there is an O-Ring Seal to seal the part and it is not under any pressure.

Step 12.

This can then either be secured using the Origional Spring Clamp or the new Jubilee clip supplied.

Step 13.

Now position the vacuum line and trim to length using scissors. 

Step 14.

Fit the last of the OEM hose clamps to the end of the vaccum line.

Step 15.

Secure the vaccum line to the solenoid and position the hose clamp.

If you wish to run as Recirculation only fit as pictured above, if you wish to vent 50% of the air to Atmosphere for the most sound using a allen key remove the blank and screw in the trumpet provided as pictured below.