CTC Performance 2018+ Suzuki Swift Sport ZC33S Intake Fitting Guide  


This document is intended as a guide only and all parts supplied MUST be fitted by a fully qualified automotive technician. CTC Performance will take no responsibility for any damage caused to  you or your vehicle from incorrect fitment of this product. Please make sure your ignition is switched off and your engine is cold before carrying out any work on your vehicle.

Step 1.

Remove the OEM Engine Cover by gently pulling the cover upwards.


Step 2

Remove two hose claps securing the rubber hoses and pull the plastic insert out of the pipe to the right leavng the clamp secure to the rubber breather hose.


Step 3

Un plug the MAF sensor remembering to lift the yellow tab to release. Remove the Maf sensor from the air box and put to one side you will need this later. Unclip the loom from the air box.


Step 4

Remove the 6 bolts circled including the two brackets, you may wish to reuse some of these later on or use the 3 new bolts and washers supplied. 


Step 5 

Release the vac hose from the air box, remove the circled part removing the two bolts which secure it to the engine and remove the rubber hose from the airbox at the rear of the engine compartment.


Step 6

Remove the factory air box. This will require a firm tug towards the rear of the air box upwards as its secured in the inlet manifold.


Step 7

Remove the two Rocker Cover Bolts as pictured. 


Step 8

Install the two hex bolts in place of the rocker cover bolts. Tighten with a 13mm spanner being sure not to over tighten as you could damage the rocker cover.


Step 9

Bolt the filter to the MAF Flange supplied using the 4 x black bolts supplied and install the blue gasket. Once the filter is secured to the MAF assembly, position the bracket ontop of the tow Hex bolts and secure with the two M6 washers and Myloc Nuts supplied.


Step 10

Secure the Vac line as pictured with the cable tie suppled.


Step 11

Install the MAF Sensor into the MAF housing using the M4 Allen Bolts supplied and plug in the MAF sensor.


Step 12

Remove the Facotry Vac Line and replace with the new Vac Line from the MAF housing. 


Step 13

Secure the MAF loom to the coil loom using the supplied cable tie as pictured.


Step 14

Secure the Loom as pictured either reusing bolts removed previously when removing the brackets in Step 4 or using the new M6 Bolts and Washers Supplied.


Step 15

Install the Silicone Hose to the turbo and the MAF housing reusing the factory hose clamps. Install the breather into the same silicone hose. Using the hose clamp provided position the rubber inlet hose through the clamp and using one of the old bolts or new M6 bolt and washer provided bolt down to the rocker cover as pictured to secure the inlet pipe positioned towards the filter.


Step 16

Finally secure the heat shild as pictured using the M6 Cap Head Bolts Provided.



Additional notes for customers with Carbon Air Box:


When installing the air box it is easiest to install with the MAF housing off the vehicle. If you have already installed Remove the Air Filter, Remove the Alloy Backing plate from the air box removing the 4 x allen head bolts. Please keep the alloy backing plate in the orientatin it was delivered. With the flat at the bottom facing down towards the engine place the backing plate against the MAF Housing, place the gasket and filter ontop and then bolt the filter through the MAF housing. this will sandwich the backing plate between. Now you can fit the airbox over the filter. Once done you can now proceed to fit or re fit the MAF housing following the steps above. 

You will have been supplied a special clamp assembly. Fit the OEM rubber feed over the carbon box, and fit the clamp over the rubber hose and tighten taking care not to over tighten as this could damage the carbon. You will see directly below there is a bolt hole securing the lambda sensor cable bracket. Remove the bolt from here and install the backet as pictured. This is a Left and Right Hand Thread so height can be adjusted. Be sure not to allow the rod to protrude into the carbon box when installing. Make sure the air box has clearence to the coil packs below by adjusting the air box upwards on this special clamp assembly. Once the desired hight is achieved tighten the locking nut to secure the clamp in position.