CTC Rear Camber Shims Swift ZC32 1.6 / ZC72 1.2


When you Install CTC Rear Camber Shim to your car, you can add -1 degrees to improve rear stability when cornering and also reduced the uneven tyre ware in circuit racing.

1)You can reduce the outside uneven wear for the rear tires.
2)You can fit the off-set wheel and different size of wheel you could not fit with a normal camber angle so your selection for the wheel will be wide.
3)By fitting CTC Rear Camber Shim, there’s no changes for toe.

In Suzuki Swift Sport Workshop manual, it states that -1 15’ in stock condition.
If you add our shim to your car, it will be -2 15’. But there is a range in stock condition so please check the real camber angle to be sure how much Camber these will give.
4)CTC Camber Shims are made from steel instead of aluminum to prevent any movement.
5)The kit includes all required bolts and washers.