CTC Performance Swift Sport Add On Lip Spoiler Extension ZC32S 2012-2016


CTC Performance Add On Lip Spoiler Extension

Suzuki Swift Sport ZC32S 2012-2016

M16A 1.6 Engine


Spoiler Extension
Attaches onto your OEM Spoiler
Black Gloss Gelcoat GRP or Gloss Finish Genuine Carbon Fibre
Designed and Manufactred in the United Kingdom
Supplied with self adhesive tape, however we strongly recommend adhesive such as Tigerseal.

*Please note this part should be installed by a professional body shop. While supplied in Gloss Black Gel Coat and could be fitted as such it should ideally be prepped and painted while being installed. Imperfections could be seen on the Gloss surface from the item being trimmed or released from the moulds. The carbon part is supplied in clear Lacquer and is ready to install.

Due out of Production End July 2019